Revolution in Multi Factor Authentication

Enterprises are under constant pressure to reduce costs, and provide improved services to their customers.   Security of enterprise information is an expectation from personal and commercial

However, employees are also a source of unknowingly exposing personal and commercial   customer information, and, are targets of password and security credential theft.   How can enterprises strengthen existing employee credentials at a low cost, with reduced login friction and without requiring an enterprise to certify yet another application installed on employee desktops?   Existing one-time-password physical tokens are in use, but are expensive to buy, deploy and costly to support by IT Departments.   In addition, employees dislike carrying around and using tokens, since they provide friction, are forgotten/lost frequently and add to unproductive use of time entering passwords.

Enterprises continue to look for the next innovative solution to address these problems.   Vancosys products solve these problems.  A paradigm shift in enterprises has been occurring, as IT Departments allow employees to use their own BYOD iPhone and Android smartphones, and any Internet of Things device, in workplaces.

keyVancosys exploits this change by using an employee’s smartphone as a trusted authentication device.   Vancosys employs secured and encrypted authentication of an employee to their desktop PC using Bluetooth proximity.   When an employee nears a PC, they are authenticated with a variety of security industry standard credentials – – password prompt on smartphone, password unlock on PC, or a variety of other low-friction authentication challenges.   No software is installed on an employee PC, thereby eliminating costly security certification projects.

Vancosys provides leading edge solutions to reduce costs in enterprises, and improve the security of employees using enhanced and convenient login capabilities.

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